Bedroom Furniture Trends: the Rise and Rise of Sliding Wardrobes

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Zoom Doom

For reasons nobody needs explaining there has been an explosion of working and studying from home. This has come with many big changes, but not least a massive increase in the number of video calls that people are making on a daily basis. While there are certainly people with room in the houses for dedicated home offices or studies, possibly with a tastefully curated backdrop for calls, for many of us that is just not the reality. The world of working from home has seen kitchens, living rooms, and yes, even bedrooms pressed into service as makeshift workspaces. The private has been made public, and with this the need for presentable spaces has grown.  

For those working from a bedroom or spare room it can be all too easy to make a poor impression or appear unprofessional. A smart good looking wardrobe can make all the difference, tidily keeping everything out of sight and presenting a positive image. You will definitely get in trouble with the tax man if you try and claim as a business expense, but you can still look at it as an investment in your career in so much as your bosses, co-workers, and even clients will be seeing your décor and judging you on what they are seeing.  

Nice and Tidy

Take a look around your bedroom. Are there piles of clothes on every surface? Clutter getting you down? It’s important for a bedroom to be a restful space and when it is messy or poorly organised it is hard for this to be the case. The ancient Chinese art of Feng Shui concerns the arrangement of furniture and other interior objects to create a harmonious living situation. One of the guiding principles and tactics is to imagine a dragon moving through a space – it should be able to do so unimpeded, if not then this means that things are cluttered and not harmonious.

A nicely organised bedroom creates a calming and restful atmosphere. The benefits of this can be far ranging – from better rest leading to better energy levels at work and throughout the day, to even possibly an improved relationship with a partner. Along with getting rid of unnecessary clothing and other items that are surplus to requirements having adequate wardrobe space is one of the simplest ways to de-clutter and create a space where your life can flow unimpeded.

Maximising Space

Did you know that UK houses have the smallest average room size in Europe? High land values and a fashion for compact properties have led to tight space constraints in new build properties and older housing stock. The upshot is that clever use of space is needed to make the most of what we have.

Full length mirrors or mirrored wardrobes are a great way to make a room feel more spacious as well as making the most out of natural light. The practicality of having a full length mirror is obvious – it’s a great help seeing a whole outfit at once – but as all interior designers know it’s important not to overdo it. It is vital to give careful thought as to the number and placement of mirrored surfaces in a room to prevent a funfair ‘hall of mirrors’ effect and to stop them overwhelming the rest of the décor.

Free Standing vs Fitted Wardrobes

One of the toughest decisions to make when doing a serious bedroom refresh is whether to opt for free standing or fitted wardrobes. There are of course advantages and disadvantages to both approaches, and ultimately what is right for a room will be individual and depend on a lot of different factors, but it certainly helps to be in possession of all the facts.

In recent years there has been a bit of a shift away from built in wardrobes towards high quality free standing clothes storage solutions. Part of this is just shifting fashions, but there are also some practical reasons why more consumers are choosing for this option.  

The first and most obvious reason to choose a free standing sliding or hinged door wardrobe ahead of a built in clothes cupboard is that it can move when you do. Well-made bedroom furniture can easily see 20+ years of service, and it’s very possible that you might want to move house during this time. With the high quality German sliding wardrobes they are constructed in such a way as they can be disassembled and moved to a new property if required. This is not the case either with built in wardrobes or unfortunately some cheap sliding wardrobes.

Cost is another reason to go for a free standing wardrobe ahead of built-in. Even premium free standing wardrobes will work out cheaper than equivalent built in cupboards and drawers, and if corners are cut on the quality of hardware used the longevity can be greatly reduced. Free standing wardrobes from reputable brands will be much easier to service if needed.

Matching Pieces

The availability of matching occasional furniture from the same manufacturer is another big reason to go for a free standing sliding wardrobe.

A coordinated and cohesive bedroom is, as is popular to say now, ‘goals’. A great way to achieve this is by choosing matching pieces such as bedside tables or a chest of drawers. Though they tend to be advertised separately, and may even have a different model name, pretty much any quality sliding wardrobe will have other bedroom furniture available in the same finishes and with the same build quality.